在拉斯亚&#yb体育网页版21338;棋牌穆森学院,我们了解每个学生不同的学习,应该对如何完成学业的选择。 We offer a variety of learning options that are supported by career services, library resources, trained mentors, experienced tutors, personal student advisors and industry-experienced faculty. Based on the program you choose, you can learn in online courses, traditional classrooms or a blend of both. Online courses may offer another option of being completed at your own pace or by following an instructor's set schedule.

我们致力于建设一个更强大的学习社区。 Through Campus Connect, students from multiple campuses are able to collaborate in a unique and interactive way. Rasmussen College courses can include hands-on experience in virtual labs, on-campus labs, simulation labs, field experience, project assessments and interactive sessions with faculty instruction. This flexibility offers each of our students the opportunity to have the college experience that helps them thrive.



执法 Graduate



你需要与适合你的生活方式和学习方式的选择学位课程。 At Rasmussen College, we offer a variety of fully online and blended online and on-campus programs to help you reach your goals. On-campus courses offer hands-on instruction and carry the extra benefit of one-one-one instruction with other students and faculty.

灵活,资源和支持经济实惠的在线课程是大多数学生的关键,甚至是完全在线的学生可以访问所有的校园资源和支持。 Live interactive sessions with faculty and peers, learning through real-world projects, virtual labs and equally rigorous academics give you the experience of on-campus learning with the benefit of learning online from the comfort of your home.




Flex的选择是专为谁有工作的学生,谁支持家庭,谁住的生活。 From credit for prior learning to self-directed assessments and competency-based education, Flex Choice adds flexibility to your schedule and is a more affordable way to receive credit by demonstrating what you know and can do.


你的工作和生活经历数和我们在一起。 Past college coursework, military transcripts, course waivers and industry certifications all maximize your credits and reduce overall costs. To learn more about credit for prior learning and transfer credits, visit ourTransfer Policy page


使用Flex的选择,你可以得到你已经知道信贷。 These interactive, self-directed assessments are taken independently. If you prefer, you can get one-on-one guidance from an academic coach, and support materials are also provided to help you brush up. At $99 per assessment, you'll save money and time.


亚&#yb体育网页版21338;棋牌拉斯穆森学院是基于能力的教育全国领先。 CBE prioritizes your learning over time spent in a classroom, giving you greater control in balancing work and life with college. Do you already have knowledge and experience in a certain area? Do you want to skip ahead while the rest of the class covers the basics? Our project-based CBE courses are paced for you and are accessible anytime, anywhere. Plus, you'll have faculty support to ensure your success.


执法 Graduate



要知道,当你承诺拉斯穆森学院,我们承诺你的教育。亚博棋牌yb体育网页版 We work to support you every step of the way, even after graduation. From award-winning library and learning services to career support and student advisors, we provide a variety of resources to help you reach your potential and pursue your career. Plus,我们的移动应用让您保持连接,无论你走到哪里。 For our veterans, we want to thank you for your service with tuition discounts and innovative program pathways.


我们提供资源的屡获殊荣的数组,你甚至可以在毕业后进入。 Nervous about starting? Worried about balancing all your commitments? Feeling overwhelmed? Our trained Peer Mentors help students overcome these common challenges. Connect with a trained Peer Tutor online or in person (as available) for support with your coursework. Students and alumni have virtual access to Rasmussen College librarians, over 400,000 ebooks and electronic reference materials, and over 100 academic and professional databases.

Access the Library and Learning Services Homepage


从职业指导和有效写简历和面试的教练生涯服务顾问的支持,我们有工具来帮助您顺利进入就业市场。 Participate in workshops, webinars and virtual career fairs to build networking and job-searching skills. Our JobConnect even allows employers to post jobs directly through Rasmussen College to reach out to prospective students.

Utilize Career Services


每一个学生都是一个人与一组不同的义务,雄心和目标。 For that reason, we assign each student with a personal advisor who serves as a primary contact for guidance and resources. Your advisor will work closely with you to develop your My Academic Plan—a personalized roadmap for your entire degree timeline. Your advisor can also assist you with transferring credits, financial aid, preparing your quarterly schedule, tracking grades and answering general questions.

Connect with an Advisor

我知道我在门口拉斯穆森走,这对我来说是正确的适合分钟。 There is an electricity in the building you can feel.

Student, Healthcare Management


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